Who Am I

I am Yogeshwar Gajanan Kasture, a 1/3 Cross of Service and Pure Generator, designed to investigate through logically studying the patterns that lead us towards empowerment, with help of my experiential wisdom through trail and error process. I am the one who can help you understand ‘what doesn’t work’ so that you can bring the necessary transformation in your own process of life.

Yogeshwar G. Kasture
Born 26 December 1981
Nationality Indian
Education IHDS Certified Human Design Professional
Occupation Human Design Life Coach
Years active 2002 – present
Known for Human Design, Research, Business Coach, Child Development, Motivational Speaker
Notable work
Human Design in India, Invented ‘Chakka Jam Theory’, ‘Indian Thought Process Analysis’ (ITPA)

What Experiential Wisdom I Contribute

I am here to teach you what doesn’t work, so you can live your differentiated life to the fullest and share your gifts with the world, through empowering the process of learning and experimenting, taking your own experiences and offloading yourself of the burden of conditioning.

The way I see it, once you start living by your design, inquiring about everything in your life with discernment, you can develop your potential wisdom, and starts contributing to the core purpose of your being. I serve joyfully through my experiential wisdom and encourage you to discover your inner truth and avoid making wrong choices/decisions.

How I Serve

Mostly through in-person sessions that are based on your Design (you can get your free Human Design BodyGraph here). You can choose how you want my support in understanding your own process either by choosing a single session wherein I help you understand your type, strategy, authority and conditioning or with an option of follow up sessions in your experiential process of awareness.

What is Living Your Design

Living Your Design is an experiment of transforming your life, decision by decision. It’s like understanding your own User Manual that you received when you were born. Living Your Design is knowing and LIVING what you were meant to be uniquely you, unlike any other person alive.

What Clients Say

My new and Unique Identity: I am Genrator with 4/1 profile, split defination with Sacral as inner Authority and Incarnation Cross: Juxtaposition Cross of Articulation (12/11 | 25/46) It was an such a amazing experience with you during the Journey of BG 5 Semester 1. BG5 or the Human Design is really awesome…! It’s amezing….! A Big Thank you for showing me mirror which shown me my natural strengths. The Journey…first semester and the various discussion sessions helped me to understand and experience the feeling of uniqueness. Understanding of my life force generative energy and operate through my own Authority.

Pravin Bharambe
(Assistant Vice President at Suryoday Small Finance Bank Ltd.)

It was a wonderful experience when Yogeshwar Kasture came up with Human Design in India. 1st of the type which enabled me to understand myself. A deep insight was given by him how thing happened till now, how my true self was getting covered up by conditioning till date. Best part of Human Design is it helps you to show correct path or logical way to understand how you should make a decision for you. What strategy you should have. Further much to explore. Thank you once again and expect to bring harmony in self and society.

CA Kushal Mishra

(FCA | CISA | FAFD | GST Professional & Speaker | Internal Audit)

First of all Thank You for introducing HD in my Life and Life has become more Crystal and Clear due to HD as It is completely Scientific Based Approach which helps You to Be Yourself and Follow Your own unique Design.The Flow of Personal and Professional Life is more enjoyable due to HD as it gives Clear insight for us to Follow and Channelise our own Energy type to Live and Unload the Pressure which we unnecessary carry due to Conditioning.In short this is a wonderful experience and helps me to be me instead of something else.

Chetna Marlecha
(Learning and Development Consultant)

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