Living Death v/s Wild

Generally, people have deep fears about self-expression, most of the times due to the conditioning, which is a kind of internalized oppression. Since childhood, we have been repressed and hurt, we have been told to behave and keep an unimaginative and narrow path. Well, this is a subtle form of living death. It all started during childhood when others used to do this with us and by the time we grow up, we become so good at doing this, that we do it to ourselves.

In contrast to this ‘living death,’ there is ‘wild’. Wild can be referred to as the natural state, just like the wildness of the forest landscape, it is the original nature of your inner child, the pure state of inspiration. Wild can be referred to every single thing that has not been robbed or tamed of its original nature.  

Wild Mind Writing

Wild Mind Writing was originally developed by individuals, who were training to be writers in fine arts. You can relate Wild Mind Writing to the numerous ways of exploring the inner world, such as meditation, creative movement, people watching, walks in nature, etc. This technique is not a substitute, but instead, its practice enhances your other practices of self-exploration. Wild Mind Writing technique helps you in your awareness process and extends its reach to the inner life and outer expression.

Human Design and Wild Mind Writing

From the Human Design point of view, Wild Mind Writing can assist you to claim your own authority, with all of its uncontrived truth and raw power. It can help you to reclaim your learning and perception in radical ways. Enabling you to experience Human Design as an intelligent, flexible and transformative tool of self-exploration.

Getting Started

There are two areas which I will be discussing here to help you get started with your Wild Mind Writing process:

  • Prerequisites
  • Process


The resources or the essential elements you need, in order to practice Wild Mind Writing:

  • Inexpensive Notebook/spiral pad: with smooth paper, so that you can write effortlessly
  • Smooth writing pen: which literally glides on paper (helping you to write effortlessly)
  • Timer: very basic and crucial element for Timed Writing Exercise


  1. Think of a “starter phrase” to spark your thought process, this could be anything (a thought, picture, life incident, or a statement) which brings out the inner turmoil
  2. Set your timer, to 5 or 10 minutes (keep the timing constant during your regular practice, although you can increase it gradually, as per the flow of your process)
  3. Start writing, whatever comes in your mind. Just write and try to match the speed of your thoughts. Don’t think about whether it is good, bad or ugly, just write. Don’t stop till the timer turns off.

As you can see the process of Wild Mind Writing requires you to write at a rapid speed, writing everything which comes in the mind, therefore there is a need of a smooth pen, the notebook should be inexpensive (not a beautiful or precious one) but with smooth paper so that you can write fast. While writing you shouldn’t bother about the spellings, grammar, punctuations, or any other thing which may slow you down or may give your mind, an opportunity to interrupt. Because you just need to write.

Through Wild Mind Writing practice, you are giving yourself an opportunity to express yourself in a true and authentic manner. Therefore do not hesitate or think about what is coming out on paper, whether it is good or bad, doesn’t matter, what really matters is the truth.

Evolving in the Process

Periodically you can scroll through the pages which you have written, you can highlight the phrases, sentences, or expressions that catch your eyes. The ones which seem to be going somewhere. And, in your next Wild Mind Writing session, you can use one or more of these phrases, sentences or expressions as “starter phrases.”

So, consider this as an invitation, and if it is correct for you, start your Wild Mind Writing process and see how the burden of suppressed thoughts comes off and how your own authentic life process unfolds. Go Wild…