Sanjiv Patil

Sanjiv Patil 5/1 Generator Sacral Authority I am glad to inform you that I am trying to follow instructions as per my Human design session-Bodygraph


Raman Dodiya

What I was expecting to be solved is far more different than what I got from understanding my human design through Yogeshwar Sir. From that day my life changed, I


Anand Shingi

You rarely come across practical mentor like Yogeshwar (Yogee sir). He introduced Human Design (HD) to me 2.5 years ago, and at first, I was mesmerised with things he talked


Dr. Archana Vadeyar

Dr. Archana Vadeyar, currently working as an Assistant professor at MITWPU school of education and research. It was a brainstorming discussion with Yogeshwar Kasture Sir. This helped me to understand