Believe it or not, we are living in an unfamiliar world

From the moment of birth to the last breath, each one of us is exploring something or the other. The concept of exploration can be seen in each one of us. Let that be an infant, a toddler, a school kid, a teen, a young one or the old. But when we look at each other, we find differences. we get to see different faces, happy, sad, angry, excited, frustrated or even neutral. In spite of having a fundamental similarity (to explore), we find differences in our responses and reactions.

Before we talk about our responses, let’s have a look at the word ‘Explore’. The dictionary meaning of the word is “travel through (an unfamiliar area) in order to learn about it.” If we just rewind back for a second and see our life experiences in a flashback, we might realize that this is all that we have been doing so far in our life. What we are doing every single day is “traveling through an unfamiliar area”. The next moment, hour, day or the month which is going to come is unfamiliar. We have not experienced the upcoming day or the upcoming month, that is going to come in your life, before. Therefore each upcoming moment, day, month, or the year is quite unfamiliar to you.

Since the time which is going to come is unfamiliar, the events, situations or people are bound to be unfamiliar. Let’s take an example of a graduate who is applying for a job and attending interviews. Even though the designation for which he/she is applying is the same, his interview experiences can be different every time. Even in case of a person who is doing the same task every day, still, there are chances of experiencing difference variables and factors while performing his role.

A question may arise, that there are people around us, our family, friends, colleagues, etc. whom we see every day, aren’t we familiar with them? If you give a deeper though and see the patterns you will realize that even they are also constantly changing, evolving or stagnating whatever it is, but they are changing with the time. Your mother or your wife would have given a particular reaction to any similar situation in the past, but this time it could be totally different and the same can be experienced with your boss, colleagues or friends.

So at one end, we have this universe which is constantly changing every moment and is quite unfamiliar to us, while on the other side there is our mind and the conditioning, which forces us to think about the future, to plan and live in a fixed way, to achieve stability and permanency in our career and life.

What we are doing in this unfamiliar world?

Well, this is simple. Every time we have any experience, our mind registers it and try to learn from it, that’s what exploration is all about. traveling through (an unfamiliar area) in order to learn about it. However using the learnings in the future is a totally different matter, it completely depends upon your awareness. Coming back to exploration, whether you want it or not you are designed to explore, each day every day.

But again the question comes, that if all of us are doing the same thing, how come there are differences? Well, it is our agenda towards the life which creates all the differences. If there is just a single point agenda ‘to Survive’, you may miss out the fun. Because when the agenda is to just survive, your receptivity towards the experiences gets limited, you are always in the search of stability and permanency, which is contrary to the changing nature of the universe.

When you are forcing things to be fixed, to be just like what you want them to be, the probability of learning from your experiences is reduced heavily and instead of learning what you are contributing to yourself is frustration, bitterness, anger or disappointment.

Is there a way out?

The perception of your experiences are somewhere based upon the purpose or seeking experiences. If you can think something beyond mere ‘survival’, the quality of experience might uplift. Learn to Love Yourself.

Hello Yogeshwar, Today’s session at Ramkrishna IT for Shegaon college students was Awesome. The way the story was weaved in with practical experience during interviews literally took the students there. All of us could see the immediate feedback with unstoppable claps. Thank you. Hoping for a long-term association. 🙏🙏

Shilpa Prabhu, Director, Ramkrishna IT Consulting Pvt Ltd. Pune