Ra often said, “What you can rely on you have never relied on in your life. What you can’t trust you have been trying to trust all your life. What you have been trusting has never been you. What you have been ignoring has always been you. Try to trust what’s really you and see what happens.” And to understand the part of “What you have been ignoring has always been you” we need a precise map that will give us access to our genetic design, and through that we will be able understand our uniqueness through the inner guidance system. 

Human Design Chart or (popularly known as) BodyGraph is that precise map, it is through this BodyGraph we can understand how we are genetically designed to engage with the world. The aspects of our being, the basic synthesis of our conscious and unconscious that no one can take away from us along with the aspects that we have been conditioned to believe are us, but not us. 

This BodyGraph helps us understand that how we are different than others. The reason of we being here on this material plane is to share our gifts by living the truth, and be aware, this is not the truth that has been given by others, it is not some acquired concept given by books or people, it is The Truth of our own genetics, it is the truth of our own frequency that is embedded within us. But because of certain flawed ways of conditioning, our life seems like a burden, and when we look around, everyone else seems to have the burden, the only differentiating factor is the quantity of burden, quality remains same. Unfortunately we all have accepted that this burden is part of our existence, we never wanted to understand why there is this burden, Human Design BodyGraph gives us permission to understand our uniqueness and through this understanding comes the freedom, to get rid of the burden we are carrying for no reason throughout our lives. 

Have you ever noticed or experienced, how often we have been compared to someone else? it is this comparison that creates a deep impression within ourselves that it is not ok to be ourselves, that it is not ok to be who we are. Now try to understand this, when such comparison is added to that burden of conditioning the first thing we want to do is change or adapt to how we act to suit others and it is through such efforts we go far away from our trueness, our own uniqueness. 

Human Design BodyGraph is a first step to understand our uniqueness and a map of how to get rid this burden and align ourselves with our uniqueness.

There are some important aspects that we get to know from our BodyGraph, such as:

  1. Our specific genetic design that helps us in understanding about how to navigate successfully through a continuously changing world.
  2. Our BodyGraph helps us to understand about our relationship dynamics such as attractions, resonance and conflicts with others.
  3. BodyGraph helps us to reengineer the best environments for our children so that they are empowered to be their own selves
  4. And many more…

3. Something about Mind…

For the discussion on this very interesting concept known as Mind, let’s take a reference from Upanishadas. 

द्वा सुपर्णा सयुजा सखाया समानं वृक्षं परिषस्वजाते ।

तयोरन्यः पिप्पलं स्वाद्वत्त्यनश्नन्नन्यो अभिचाकशीति ॥ 


      Mandukya Upanishad 3.1.1

English translation of this verse is, Two birds, inseparable companions, perch on the same tree, one eats the fruit, the other looks on. The first bird is our individual self feeding on the pleasures and pains of this world; The other is the universal Self, silently witnessing all.

In our roots of conditioning, that we know as Sanakaras, Human Design System resonates. The bird eating fruits is like our conscious mind, in human design terms it is our personality. This is who we think we are, and our mind take help of the openness to amplify the conditioning and forcing us to make decisions