Let me start by giving you a brief intro by Ra on Human Design System, “The Human Design System is not a belief system. It does not require that you believe in anything. It is neither stories nor philosophy. It is a concrete map to the nature of being, a mapping of your genetic code. This ability to be able to detail the mechanics of our nature in such depth is obviously profound because it reveals our complete nature in all its subtleness. Human Design opens the door to the potential of Self-Love, a love of life and the love of others through understanding”.

One thing we all are conditioned to is having to have a belief in something or someone so as to live a meaningful life, and through such beliefs we give away our authority to someone, what we actually need is a map that would help us to understand our true purpose and how we are designed to operate on this material plane. This is where Human Design becomes practical and meaningful, it starts with removing all those basis of belief, and drives us towards getting our own experience, because a living experience is much better than acquired knowledge. When we experience things in a unique way we open the door for potentials and through that our unique gift to be shared with the world, thus giving us permission to be ourselves. 

Human Design System is the Science of Differentiation, it helps us to understand that we have a unique design and a specific purpose to fulfil while on earth. Most of the times we end up living a life of somebody else’s wish and in that effort what we bring to the world is either Anger, Frustration, Bitterness or Disappointment, and then we put all our energy and resources to get rid of it while still living the same mind driven life, may be that’s the reason why these anger, frustration, bitterness or disappointment becomes a part of our life experiences and we are made to believe that, that’s the life. 

Human Design is an experiment of transforming our life, decision by decision. That’s all, no big thing, and where it all gets interesting is, it is nothing more, there  are no complications, there isn’t any statute to be followed, all you have to do is just stick to your own experiment. Remember, Human Design is not a belief system, it is focused on your own experiences of making correct decisions according to your design and not according to your mind. This is the only tool that doesn’t require you to answer hundred of questions, no, it is only your BodyGrpah that you need to understand and start with your own experiment, that’s all.

Feeling it already… try it out for your own.